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1000FPS @ 4k

PL & EF Mount

72GB Internal Ram

HD-SDI & HDMI  Video

Contact for Inquiries


 Our Phantom Veo 4k comes with our experienced Phantom Tech. We try to be as all-inclusive as possible, this is a very full kit (except lenses) and can be tailored to best suit your project. This Veo 4K kit includes 3 x 512GB CFast Cards, CFast Card Reader, Macbook Pro Download Station, PL or EF Lens Mount, V Mount Battery Mount, Bottom Riser, Bridge Plate, 12" Dovetail, Specialty Cables, AC Power, 1 Small HD Onboard Monitor, An Electronic Viewfinder, 6x Onboard Batteries, Rain Protection, iPhantom Wireless Control Kit, iPod Touch Controller, Lots More. We have a Zeiss Milvus Prime kit (15, 24, 35, 50, 85, 135) for rent as well. This camera is not intuitive. We want you to get magnificent slo mo, and lots of it. So our qualified Phantom Operator will accompany you for this rental. Our camera setups are decked out and mobile. 

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