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Our Work

SKY TV / Humble Bee Films

Secret World of Sound with David Attenborough

Comfort Theory was commissioned to capture footage in two distinct locations: the vibrant landscapes of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, where majestic flamingos gracefully roamed, and the rugged terrain of Arizona's Sonoran desert, showcasing the explosive breeding phenomenon of the Spade Foot Toad.

PBS / Terra Mater Studios

Jaguar of Costa Rica

We are Currently in Production on our newest film for PBS and Terra Mater Studios Featuring some of the rarest behavior ever witnessed by jaguars. Stay Tuned!

NETFLIX / Humble Bee Films

Wild Babies

Comfort Theory Films was hired to film 3 different sequences through out Costa Rica and The United States on the new wildlife series "Wild Babies". Our 3 sequences were on Capuchins, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Hatchlings and Bottle Nose Dolphins. 

PBS / Terra Mater Studios

The Hummingbird Effect

Costa Rica's motto is Pura Vida - Pure Life - and this deceptively small country is bursting with some of the most spectacular wildlife and pristine ecosystems in the world. All this diversity thrives, in part, thanks to one surprising little creature: hummingbirds.


Tiger King S2

Comfort Theory was contracted by Netflix as their Costa Rica Film Unit for the second season of one their most watched series in history: Tiger King.

Wildlife Killing Contests

Wildlife Killing Contests are competitions where the goal is to kill as many predator species as possible, within a set time frame, in order to win money and prizes. Wolves, pumas, bobcats, foxes, and coyotes are the most targeted animals, with cash pay-outs for heaviest and most killed.



Disney+ contracted Comfort Theory to deliver breathtaking visuals of jungle landscapes and underwater cinematography of Caribbean Reefs for their Original Series, Earth Moods. Earth Moods takes viewers on the ultimate retreat—transporting them to a vast array of colorful and calming corners of the world.

National Geographic

Worth More Alive VR

Comfort Theory was contracted by National Geographic to produce, shoot and edit their first ever Shark VR live Experience.  For this project, we developed a 4 X 5 minute VR series on Sustainable Shark Eco-tourism stories around the globe. Our cofounder, Filipe Deandrade then presented these VR Films as part of a live presentation at National Geographic Headquarters in Washington DC.


Costa Rica,
The Rise of Nature

Comfort Theory was contracted by Arte to film and produce their newest documentary series. A 3 X 60 minute documentary series on Costa Rica's Wildlife and the conservationist that have made it their lifes mission to protect their counties unique cast of characters.

Nat Geo Wild

Jaguar Beach

Comfort Theory was commissioned by Nat Geo Wild to produce a 1 hour TV special on Jaguars predating on Sea Turtles. This Show premiered on Nat Geo Wild's Big Cat Week. 

Nat Geo WILD

Under the Lights

We produced Nat Geo Wilds 1st Facebook Watch Series  featuring 30 of Costa Rica's most fascinating animals in High speed to reveal their biology in modern ways .

National Geographic

Untamed with Filipe Deandrade S2

Untamed Costa Rica is a 6 Part Digital series and a one hour natural history T.V. Special Produced and created for Nat Geo WILD by Comfort Theory.

Untamed with Filipe Deandrade S1

Wildlife filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade and his friends travel the United States in search of the most diverse and iconic animal species that the country has to offer. Produced and created for Nat Geo WILD by Comfort Theory.

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