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Under The Cover of Darkness

Sea Turtles are resilient creatures that have traveled across the globe on ocean currents and somehow are able to find their way back to the same beach they hatched on well over a decade after so that the too can lay their eggs.

A few years ago I was filming an Arribada with local biologists and as most of the turtles had returned to the ocean one was struggling to make its way up on the the beach. It was around 10 o'clock in the morning, the sun was beating down, and it didn't look like the turtle had much hope to nest successfully. The biologist then told be that sometimes when turtles are about to pass they still come up on land and try to nest but end up not making it back into the ocean. I think that's what happened with this turtle. She didn't have any scars from predators like jaguars or crocs. She was just laying there under the stars in peace. #costarica #wildlife #Wildlifefilm #wildlifefilmmaking #costaricafilm #costaricawildlifefilm #8Ktimelapse #oliveridley #arribada #Santarosanationalpark #moonstrike #nature

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